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This blog is dedicated to the world champion San Francisco Giants. Women love this team!

San Francisco Giants Fellowship Day 2015

     Over 7,000 fans flooded the field at AT&T Park after the Giants suffered a tough loss to the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday. Even though their team did not win spirits remained high amongst Giants enthusiasts who were more interested in hearing their heroes offer testimonies of faith, rather than how the team played on “Fellowship Day.” Giants Players: Santiago Casilla, Ryan Vogelsong, Hunter Strickland, Jeremy Affeldt, Justin Maxwell, Kelby Tomlinson, and General Manager Bobby Evans shared how their faith in God has played a meaningful role in their personal and professional lives.

    Pitcher Santiago Casilla from the Dominican Republic spoke to fans with the help of a translator and explained the important role that the word of God plays in all of our lives. Casilla quoted Jesus directly from the Bible, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32, ESV). For Casilla, his role as a baseball player comes second to his role as a Christ follower. Casilla said, “I need to have his word in my heart everywhere I go.”

     Relief Pitcher Jeremy Affeldt is currently on the disabled list due to a knee injury and he made it clear that although his condition makes him frustrated and mad sometimes, it has only strengthened his trust in God. Affeldt said, “No one said that being a Christian was going to be easy. No one said that if you become a Christian all of your problems are going to go away. I read something the other day that was really important to me and it said when you sit there and look at all of your problems, remember to start worshiping the problem solver.” Affeldt affirmed that he knows God will bring him through rough situation this just like God has in the past because he truly loves and puts his faith in him.

     Pitcher Ryan Vogelsong talked about how he leaned heavily on his faith after being released from the Phillies in 2010; a low point in his life that left him completely devastated. The uncertain discouragement that he may never play baseball again weighed him down in addition to serious health issues that his wife’s father was going through. Vogelsong overcame his fears by placing all of his faith in God. Since then God completely restored his career and made him an All-Star and a World Series champion. Vogelsong said, “God works his ways and got me to pro ball and led me back to him.” His wife Nicole Vogelsong joined him onstage and shared how God has been key in keeping their marriage and family strong through difficult times.

     Each of the team members handled themselves with grace and class as they helped, inspired, and encouraged fans by demonstrating how God has transformed them through their personal. Popular Christian singer and songwriter Jeremy Camp also performed for the crowd and shared his moving testimony of how he lost his wife to cancer in his early twenties. Camp explained that it was God’s strength alone that helped him get through the tragic loss.  The San Francisco Giants in community partnership with the Salvation Army, K-LOVE, Spirit West Coast, and William Jessup University made “Fellowship Day” at AT&T Park possible.

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Happy 26th Birthday Madison Bumgarner

On this date in 1989 a Star Pitcher was born in Hickory, North Carolina. Madison Bumgarner has been a huge asset to the World Champion San Francisco Giants bullpen and fans like myself are greatly appreciative that he is on the team. Happy birthday MadBum.

5 Things to Know About World Series Hero Madison Bumgarner

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James Shields May Join The SF Giants Pitching Roster

Although the Giants have had their fair share of hits this year, they are first and foremost a pitching team. Rumor has it that James Shields may be joining up with the best bullpen in Major League Baseball. 33-year-old James Shields of the Padres has proven to be an effective starting pitcher and may be just what the Giants need to secure a run at the post season. The clock to the trade deadline is ticking away and the Giants better act fast if they want to make any changes.
San Francisco Giants Trade Rumors: James Shields May Be Headed To The Giants

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If You Think You Are the Number 1 Giants Fan, Meet Clark

I had the wonderful opportunity to report live at AT&T Park for the San Francisco Giants home opener. While reporting the weather for the big game I met Clark, the Giants number one fan, who shows off her historic hat dedicated to the world champion San Francisco Giants. 
Complete Story Here

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Trade Deadline Approaching: SF Giants May Not Take Any Risks

As the San Francisco Giants make their move for two consecutive World Series wins, they have some big decisions to make before the month is over. The non waiver trade deadline is swiftly approaching on July 31st and the team was rumored to be looking into acquiring Ben Zobrist from the A's, however he was just scooped up by the Royals. We will have to see what Bruce Bochy, who is seemingly happy with the current group of players, decides to in the next 72-hours. 
Giants Can't Afford to Play It Safe at Deadline

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SF Giants CEO Larry Baer is Smart and Savvy, but More Importantly a Considerate Gentleman

I was given the fortunate opportunity of interviewing San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer on Opening Day at AT&T Park. He has been a key part in the tremendous success that the Giants have earned over the last five years. Baer is an incredibly intelligent business man but his most admirable quality is the way he gives back to the community through the Giants Community Fund.  

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Watching Bumgarner Develop on the San Francisco Giants Has Been a True Demonstration of Continuous Effort and Perseverence

When Madison Bumgarner started pitching for the Giants in 2009 he was lanky and a little awkward. Watching him grow into the best pitcher in baseball has been a true delight. He is hands down one of the best pitchers that has ever played for the world champion franchise and we can only look forward to watching him out perform the competition over the next few years.

Bumgarner Tops MLB List of Best-Selling Jerseys

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